‘Eye Care’ For You Dry Eye Disease

By Savannah Tribune | October 14, 2020

Dry eye disease now affects many Americans. From adults to children, more than half the population suffers from dry eye disease. The most common causes range from increased aging, medical conditions such as allergies, inflammatory diseases (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Sjogren’s Disease), diabetes, certain medications (antihistamines, birth control pills, nasal sprays) and now, computers and handheld devices (games kids play and … Continue reading “‘Eye Care’ For You Dry Eye Disease”

September – Sports Eye Safety Month

By Savannah Tribune | September 02, 2020

September is Sports Eye Safety Month. Sponsored by Prevent Blindness America, this month is dedicated to be a reminder that thousands of eye injuries occur every year from sports. Contact sports like football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and soccer puts many at a higher risk for eye injury than non-contact sports such as golf, swimming, and running. Since sports seasons has … Continue reading “September – Sports Eye Safety Month”


By Savannah Tribune | August 05, 2020

Common eye conditions that men will often ignore are blurred vision, double vision, loss of peripheral vision, lumps on eyelids, and discolorations to the eyes. Men near the age of 40 or older will experience a gradual decline in their near vision. This natural condition (called presbyopia) results as the lens inside the eyes begin to harden. Focusing on near … Continue reading ““EYECARE” FOR YOU”