By Savannah Tribune | July 21, 2021

80% of what your child is taught in school is presented to them visually. So, there’s no question that good vision is important for learning. If your child is having difficulty in school, it may be due to a learning related visual problem. A comprehensive eye examination can address many visual problems children may have. Does your child have any … Continue reading ““EYE” CARE FOR YOU”


By Savannah Tribune | July 14, 2021

Does your vision seem cloudy? Do you feel like your glasses are always dirty? Do colors seem dim and glare from car lights bother you? If so, you may have cataracts. Cataracts are a clouding of the lens inside the eyes. The lens works like a camera allowing light to focus onto the back of the eyes. If there is … Continue reading ““EYE” CARE FOR YOU”


By Savannah Tribune | June 02, 2021

Children need sunglasses just as much as adults. Although kids are not as interested in wearing them as a fashion accessory like adults are, kids need sunglasses for protection more than adults because they spend more time outdoors in direct sunlight. Children’s sunglasses are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes. And virtually any children’s frame can be … Continue reading ““EYE CARE” FOR YOU”


By Savannah Tribune | May 26, 2021

Your children will be out of school soon. Already since COVID, kids are spending more time on computers and computer devices than ever before. Some kids may be vacationing this summer, while other will continue to spend a lot of time watching tv, playing video games, or on the computer/ phone for hours each day. As parents, you may wonder … Continue reading ““EYE CARE” FOR YOU:”


By Savannah Tribune | May 19, 2021

Have you ever felt like your eyes were dry and tired after a long day staring at a computer—you’re not alone. Now more than ever, computers, telephones, and other digital type devices are being used almost 90% of a day. These digital screens emit harmful blue light rays which have negative effects on your eyes, including eye strain, dry or … Continue reading ““EYE CARE” FOR YOU:”