Youth Dilemma


The Youth look for examples but if they are deprived of any clearly marked path they will follow the crowd. They desire to belong. This is the cry of the youth and if that cry is not satisfied in the home then they will seek to cry in and for the streets. Our youth may simply be rebelling against a generation that did not care. It may not be a reflection of their moral values as much as their lack of concern for norms. Acceptance becomes the greatest force in his or her life thereby resulting in the conforming to the crowd. Romans 12: 1 reads “Be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what is the good, acceptable and perfect will of God.”

Conformity has no rival as a driving force in the life of today’s youth. This new freedom to do ‘what you want when you want’ this “New Morality” is still nothing but sin! The youth understand what things are and how to define it. I doubt if they will ever overstep the bounds of the Ten Commandments without hearing their conscious speak to them. Morality has been repressed and pushed aside but it has not been removed and it will not remain dormant forever! Conscious calls out and echoes ever so faintly initially. “Thou Shalt Not” of Sinai.

On the other hand, there are many parents who are living as a poor example for their children. They do so without pretense or shame. There remains an army of youth who, though living in the shadow of today’s immorality remain untainted by its debauchery. Consider the inner cities where youth are forced to join gangs against their will, where violence rules and life revolves around drugs, sex and fighting. There are places here in America where young children… ten, eleven, twelve years old carry the same weapons as their older sister and brothers and use these weapons without the slightest hesitation. What happens when these young people become parents themselves? They believe there exists only three ways out… overdose, suicide or God.

All of this remains a part of society’s rebellion against God. Permissive parents not only look the other way, they point the other way. More than apathy is wrong with the home. It is evident that we dare not blame you too quickly for all of their problems. The older generation has contributed and with it’s own goals confused, must accept its share of the responsibility. Behind the youth’s blurred vision of reality is a lack of restraint on the part of well-intentioned parents. The youth do want help. That must is self-evident. They seek guidance. They crave boundaries and restrictions. They long for consistency from their role models. Far too often these traits are missing from their lives. In a shocking number of cases there is no real communication between parent and child.

This is our calling… to provide that bridge. If there is anyone that desires a change in life, a life that only Jesus can give – please call 234-3107- I care!

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