Your Vote Does Count!


November 8, 2016 is Election Day, and early voting ends Friday, November 4th. There has been a tremendous push in our community to get out and vote early. In a press conference held last Friday the Earl T. Shinhoster Voter Empowerment Campaign a n d Richard Shinhoster, first vice president of the Savannah Branch of the NAACP, encouraged voters to take advantage of weekend voting. He urged local pastors to lead their congregations to the Voter Registration office Sunday and get the “souls to the polls.”

As a result of their efforts, last Sunday, hundreds arrived on church buses and by the car loads.“We’ve been encouraged so far, because we’ve seen long lines at the voter registration office on Eisenhower Drive. We still have a few days left. … We want to see early voting continue. We want to see a large turnout,” said Shinhoster.

Sabrina German, interim director of Chatham County Voter Registration, said Friday that 12,425 people had cast early ballots by the end of the previous day, and another 1,988 absentee ballots had been returned to the county by mail as of Wednesday. Considering the votes casted through the Early Voting Weekend, the numbers have grown to approximately 20,000 as of press time on yesterday.

We, at The Savannah Tribune encourage everyone who has not voted early to go to MVP.SOS.GA.GOV to review the sample ballot. Make sure you are familiar with what is at stake. Read the amendments; know the candidates.

We don’t have much time left before the November 8th General

Election where the future of our country will be determined by the person elected to serve as the

President of the United States, that will affect your lives and the lives of your children.

There is also an important amendment on our Georgia Ballot that will affect the access to public education for our children. Make sure you understand the implications of the amendment.

Voting is a responsibility of citizenship.

It is our duty to help select our leaders and let our voices be heard on issues facing our community and nation.

Exercise your right to vote and take someone with you!

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