You Haven’t Done Enough

Krystle Kai Pate
Krystle Kai Pate

Tell everyone who has ever said “you can never be forgiven”, they are a liar. Tell everyone who has ever said you “there is no redemption for what you’ve done”, that they too, are a liar. Hear me clearly; you haven’t done enough, for your sin, to out match God’s grace. You haven’t done enough, for your errors, to outweigh God’s loving kindness. You haven’t done enough, for God to decide He won’t forgive you. You are not that strong, wise, or capable of changing Christ’s sacrifice, for you, years ago on the cross. You can not take back what God put into place. So shake yourself; stop believing the lies and making excuses to continue doing wrong. You haven’t done enough to be forgotten by God.

The forgiveness of God is always available by His choice, not ours. In the beginning, God created the world and called it good. He established us in a perfect place and gave us one rule. We broke that rule, and sin entered in separating us from God (Genesis 1-3). Still God never forgot us; He set a plan in motion, that while we were still sinning, He gave His son to die (shed blood) for us. He sent Jesus into this world, knowing that the world would reject and betray him. Yet, He loved us so much, He gave His Beloved Son for the sin of man (John 3:16-18). The cross is where our freedom in Christ began. He paid the price that each of us owed; death and eternal separation from God. Since the bill’s been paid, we don’t owe any debt; the tab’s been covered. Look to God for your salvation.

If you want to be forgiven, just ask. It’s really that simple. The same rules that apply to the best of, applies to the worst. God is not a man that He should lie, nor the son of man that He should change His mind (Numbers 23:19). He said, “cast your cares on the Lord” (1Peter 5:7). Everything you have every done and, will do in the future, God knew when He went to the cross. You can’t shock God! What you have done is not enough to be forsaken! His grace is sufficient (2 Corinthians 12:9). How can you believe that your sin is stronger than God’s love?

Accept what Jesus did on the cross for us. Believe, declare and know we have not been forgotten. God has not left us; He is with us until the end of time. We all have a story, but you’ve been given a choice on what it will say. Forgiveness is yours take it.

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