You Do Have Purpose

Krystle Kai Pate
Krystle Kai Pate

We should continually thank God for His free gift of Salvation through Jesus Christ. He thought enough of you and me to provide us with a way out. Jesus was the ransom paid on our behalf because we could not afford the debt. This debt was owed due to our sinful nature. God loved us so much that he gave his one and only son Jesus Christ (Ref: John 3:16-18). Think about that! God the author and finisher of everything created us and gave us one rule to follow. We broke that rule, got kicked out of the Garden of Eden, and became separated from God. Yet He still decided to make a way where we could be re-connected with Him again, for no other reason than because God loves us. That alone proves You Do Have Purpose.

Jesus gave his life for us freely, no man took it, he laid it down (Ref: John 10:18), knowing that he would pick it back up with all power and authority in his hands. Jesus knew the importance of him fulfilling prophecy. On that cross he took the worlds sins placing himself as the buffer between us and death. Suffering greatly He did it for us! He took the beatings, He took the 72 crown of thorns, He took the insults, punches, disgusted looks, and gave us freedom in exchange. He said “take me instead, they don’t yet understand what I’ve come to do, but they need a savior and I am the way, the truth, and the light. No man shall see the Father but through me” (Ref: John 14:6).

This sets the stage of why You have purpose. We can not define ourselves by our own standards. We must look to God and ask Him what He sees when He looks at us. Let’s take our eyes off of our flaws and mistakes and shift our focus to God. He is why have purpose. It’s not about how great we think we are, our talents, or experiences. It’s not what we can do for God; it’s always been what Jesus has already done for us. We have purpose because God having infinite options choose you and I to exist, to be able to boast in the Lord declaring “we know a healer, redeemer, and sustainer.”

We have purpose simply because God says we do. He has proven his love for us time and time again. His son’s sacrifice changed our world forever, opening our eyes to the Light and revealing the Truth. The Bible declares that God holds us in the palm of his hand and no one can pluck us from it (Ref: John 10:28). We have purpose because when God made us he said it is good (Ref: Genesis 1:31) knowing we would willfully do bad. How amazing to have a creator who is consistent with His love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness. He is continually protecting, covering, and using us simply because He loves us. We have purpose because God made us on purpose. Jesus is our salvation, He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. So let us serve the Lord in spirit and truth, understanding its not by our might but his.

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