WWS Reclaiming Our Indigenous Power Series: Plundering The Dream, Hiding The Nightmare III

“Our only hope today lies in our ability to recapture the revolutionary spirit...” MLK, 1967

Another Sobering Look at How KING’S Legacy Has Been Re-shaped and Sold-out.

Join us on Friday, JANUARY 14th, 2022. 5:30 PM. Free. Beach Institute, 502 Harris St.



It is Martin Luther King on Dreams, Black Power, War, Nightmares, and Self Determination – along with the many truth-tellers on militarism, poverty and racism. TODAY we can Determine a fresh course for Escape, Rebellion and Freedom as new regional development dialogues – a Revolution of Values asserted in the contexts of Colonialism, oligarchy and Confederacy: the brand legacies of Savannah.

Now the Ancestors Clearly Speak! This WWS program continues to directly address Savannah’s integrity threat challenges as Civil Rights, Human Rights and Social Justice interests. Through meaningful coalitions, alliances and initiatives, Freedom is the Heart to Make Revolution!

(D. Pleasant, 1991) Which Way Savannah initiative Dr. David Pleasant, Dr. Simona Perry Nowgriot1@aol.com

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