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Write To Heal. Writing about our deepest thoughts and feelings is one of the best ways to de-stress from the agitations and frustrations in our lives. Journaling is an age old way of managing our feelings. Clearing the mind, getting our anger out, or simply sorting out issues, without jeopardizing our relationships. But, for the writer, it can give a significant boost to the immune system, helping us to heal both physically and emotionally.

Scientists at Southern Methodist University and Ohio State University College of Medicine, both have documented physical changes in subjects after persons completed personal writing assignments.

Changes such as increased T-cell production, as well as general overall improvements in health, resulting in fewer absentee days, and fewer physician visits.

Writing about our fears, pains, disappointments, or even plans for the home, garden, and summer vacation, can change our perspective on life in some wonderful ways. Restoring hope, health, confidence, peace and joy. Joy especially, when we keep a gratitude journal.

Well, I can tell you, as you work it out, and write it out, putting the problem on paper allows you to separate the person you are from the problem you are having. Separate what people say, from what is true. You can put those hurtful words, that keep playing in your head, on paper. Getting it out of you – like removing a splinter; and the source of the pain. Then, you can manage it, deal with it, work on it. And there by start the healing process. Write to heal.

If it’s an illness, give it a name, talk to ‘it’, tell ‘it’, – ‘You are leaving me’, ‘ I will never let you beat me’!, – and as you scold ‘it’, and work to alleviate ‘it’ and alienate ‘it’, and treat your body with the best possible care, ‘it’ will know ‘it’ is unwelcome, and that you are an unwilling host to this disease. Make ‘it’ know – ‘it’s’ gotta go! At the same time you will become strengthened against this illness, and really all illnesses. And one day, you’ll look around and ‘it’ will be gone. Then you can say “Thank You.”

I recommend keeping a gratitude journal – parallel to the anxiety journal, in the same book. The left-hand pages for gratitude and the right-hand pages for the grief. This becomes a very powerful weapon against your enemy. Even in the worst situations we face in life, there is still so much to be grateful for.

Keeping a gratitude journal can alone create a change in your body and spirit, to activate your internal healing systems.

We have to fight, to save our lives, but the labor is good. After writing in the journal, depending on what you’ve written and how you feel about it, you may want to tear out the pages, tear them into little pieces, shred them or even burn them. On the other hand, some writings you may want to keep to reference your path to success. You’ll decide what is right for you.

In writing, you can create the conclusion you need from emotionally charged and tumultuous situations, and open a new chapter for health and wholeness and happiness and peace, in your life.

The benefits of writing to heal are great, and will surprise you. But, don’t write only in crisis, discover your own flow by keeping a record of your days, and the good and wonderful blessings, the flowers, everyday.

Carolyn Guilford, nutritionist and wellness advocate can be reached at P O Box 2814 -Savannah, GA 31402, or call 912 236-8987. Visit Carolyn@healthrestoration101.com. Her books are available author/ carolynguilford in Kindle format.

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