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Evangelist Rachel Thomas
Evangelist Rachel Thomas

Some sayings God has sent my way either through others or through His Holy Spirit and I desire to share some with you. God has granted this desire therefore: Wisdom is an embryonic form of philosophy. However, Biblical wisdom is intuitive, and is cursive as the Greek philosophers’ reasons: without the Holy Spirit, we cannot understand the Holy Word.When we die, we are freed from the bonds of earth. `Life is a performance and not a rehearsal. We need Jesus for our Eternal Life and the Holy Spirit for our internal life to be damned by the devil is to be truly blessed by God.

God is the Shepherd and Guardian of our Souls. In His love He cares for us; in His power. He protects us and in His wisdom He guides us in the right way.

“I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THELIFE. Without the Way – There is no Going. Without the Truth – There is no knowing without the Life – There is no growing.

People are to be loved. Things are to be used, but today – it is turned around- people are used and things are loved.

The world is getting dirtier and dirtier, but if you have a light on, you can go to the Top of it. It will cause us to go higher. We have to climb up over the dirt.

We have to climb up and over the prejudices over the lie, the profanities, out of your burdens. God is letting the would help the church to build a lamp stand – No light – no purpose –no plan.

The greatest hour of the church is still ahead. Get Ready! Get Ready!

God Bless You, Mama

Rachel Thomas

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