Woodville-Tompkins Manufacturing Program Top 30 In The World


The Manufacturing Program at Woodville-Tompkins Technical and Career High School has been recognized by the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) as a Program of Excellence Award winner! This award places the school as just one of 30 others across the WORLD to receive this recognition! The Program of Excellence Award is the highest level of recognition that the engineering and technology education field can receive at a national level. The Woodville Tompkins program is the only high school award winner in Georgia to receive this honor!

The students, faculty, and staff, are proud of this World Class recognition and the exemplary work through the Woodville Tompkins Technical & Career High School’s Engineering, Robotics & Manufacturing Pathway.

Congratulations to Mr. Timothy Cone, Engineering Instructor and Mr. Alfred McGuire, Principal of the Woodville-Tompkins Technical & Career High School!

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