Women’s History Month Continues


I could not allow Women’s History Month or International Women’s Day to come to a close without sharing a little of my family’s own History of Women whose hard work, dedication and determination impacted and opened the door for many to follow.

I am very proud to be the Niece of these honorable ladies who are my late father’s Sisters:

My Aunt H. D. Tindal affectionately known as Lois was Savannah, GA’s first Black who happened to be a Woman hired in the Personnel Department for the City of Savannah, GA who migrated in the 60’ s to Detroit, MI with her Husband my Uncle The late Councilman Robert Tindal who also served as Executive Secretary of the NAACP Detroit Branch, when the struggle for black Americans especially women required more than a peaceful protest in spite thereof they chose to walk the walk and talk the talk,seeing these fine examples which was cemented by our first my Aunt Jean Golden who taught school for many, many years in Savannah Chatham County Public Schools and set the tone by which to follow and little did anyone know or was surprised when their younger sister Virginia Edwards Maynor was appointed Superintendent of Savannah – Chatham County’s Public Schools in 1998, the first black Savannahian appointed to the same segregated school system she charted her way through as a pupil and through her hard work and dedication blazed a trail of excellence at the height of an Era when Black female leadership was not among the popular.


Now that life has slowed or is beginning to slow down for those of us who are of a particular age, more specifically in my case it is a joy to have an opportunity to refreshen my family’s history and fond mem- ories, and the blessing for me is my Aunts all of whom are retired and living quieter lives are still contributing to the history that bonds us, our Family, and the history that unites us as women.

Happy International Women’s Day to all of us.

Proclamation to Mrs. Tindal from Mayor Eddie DeLoach on her 80th Birthday
Proclamation to Mrs. Tindal from Mayor Eddie DeLoach on her 80th Birthday

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