Women of Faith

Women of faith are women

who have wisdom because

they know they need God to


Women of faith are optimistic

because God must

guide them wherever they

go. Women of faith have

motivation because God

knows they have innovation.

Women of faith have education,

whether from high

school or life, she makes it

through any situation.

Women of faith are nurturers

because they have love

and concern for an entire

nation. Women of faith are

one because they know we

must stand the test of time.

Women of faith have food

for thought because they

have obstacles to climb.

Women of faith have faith

because they believe in

God’s “Amazing Grace.”

Women of faith have agility

because God gave them

great ability.

Women of faith have

integrity because they need

honesty. Women of faith

have trials and tribulations

but they know God will

deliver them from every situation.

Women of faith have hope

that God will continue to

help them cope with jobs

family and friends.

Tell us, are you a Woman of


By Esther Grace Simmons

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