Women At The Table


Women At The Table will host its third panel discussion on Sunday, April 12, 2015, at 5pm at Country Inn and Suites 7576 White Bluff Road in Savannah. The topic of the discussion is: “Do the Effects of Slavery Still Exist? -A White Man’s Perspective On Black People. The event is free and the public is invited to attend.

Women At The Table is a talk panel that provides an informative and interactive discussion on topics of interest and benefit to the community. Solutions to problems and issues discussed are also offered.

The panel may contain a variety of guest of different ages, ethnicity, gender, experiences and backgrounds; however the primary panel is; Dr. Maxine Bryant, Minister Barbara Hebron, Dr. Ann Linton- Wom and Estelle Mannion, producer.

The first panel discussion;

“Why Blacks Fall Prey to Consumerism” was held March 8, at Country Inn and Suites. It was so well received that Student of African American Sisterhood at Armstrong State University, (the first national chapter in Georgia) invited the panel to present the same topic to their organization on Tuesday, March 31. The attendance was excellent and the response was outstanding.

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