Wilmington to Celebrate 154th Church Anniversary

The pastor and members of Wilmington Missionary Baptist Church, 3321 Skidaway Rd., invite you to our 154th Church Anniversary, October 11-15, 2010, 7 p.m. nightly. On Monday, Oct. 11, First A.B. Church, East Savannah, and Pastor Thomas Williams will be in charge of the service; on Tuesday October 12, Litway Missionary Baptist Church, and Pastor Leonard Small will be in charge of the service, on Wednesday, October 13, Central Baptist Church, and Pastor Timothy Sheppard will be in charge of the service, on Thursday, October 14, College Park Baptist Church and Pastor Robert “Chip” Brown, will be in charge of the service, and on Friday, October 15, Nazareth Missionary Baptist Church and Pastor Guy Hodge will be in charge of the servic.e

It is our hope that you will grace us with yor presence, and we thank you in advance.

Joey Horton, Pastor.

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