Will Savannah City Council Eliminate the Proposed Fire Fee?

After several town hall meetings across the city, Savannah City Council has asked staff to review the 2018 budget in order to come up with an alternative plan of budget cuts. A revised plan without the proposed fire fee will be presented to City Council at their regular meeting to be held on Thursday, June 21, 2018.

Despite objections from citizens, Savannah city council members voted in December to impose the fire fee as a way to raise revenue for a service that benefits both taxed and tax exempt property owners..

Staff estimates they will need to make up for about $16.5 million as a result of eliminating the fee. The fee was expected to generate about $20.5 million for fire services

Council also directed staff to present property tax rate increases proposals to be considered as well as a way to make up for the elimination of the fire fee.

Alderman Estella Shabazz, Aldermen Tony Thomas and Van Johnson had opposed the proposed fire fee.

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