Whitely Announces Candidacy for 6th District County Commissioner


Aaron “Adot” Whitely, community activist and mentor, announced his intent to run for 6th District County Commissioner at Mosaic Church last Friday, January 17, 2020

Mr. Whitely, a retired Army Medic and Savannah State University graduate, brings many years of service to his country and to his community. He now wants to expand that service and work for the Chatham County citizens as their next 6th District Commissioner.

“I want to serve as a bridge between government and the community, because people are the vehicle to our community’s success “, says Whitely when asked about his decision to enter the race. He notes the importance of engaging with citizens so their voices are heard at the top level. Because he has been active in the community since retiring from the U.S. Army in 2014, he has first hand knowledge of the power that is wielded when leaders stand with, and for, the wishes and needs of the people they represent. Whitely goes into this campaign listing youth engagement, business development along with accessibility and accountability as key goals of his when it comes to local government.

Mr. Whitely’s hopes to make use of every opportunity in the time ahead to connect with residents of the 6th District. His announcement, which is open to the public via Facebook Live, is the beginning of a series of events that he will use to answer questions and uncover the needs of the very people he will be serving. He hopes his willingness to listen along with a fervent dedication to service will prove that he is the candidate best suited to represent the 6th district at the county level.

To volunteer or donate to the campaign please visit his website at www.aaronwhitely.com or follow him on social media: Facebook @Aaron4Georgia or via Twitter @Aaron4G.

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