What Is My Case Worth: Your Injury In Dollars And “$ense”

Have you ever watched a commercial that says if you were injured, you can get paid? Lawyers often make these statements but fail to explain what that means. Payment for your injury should never be considered a form of income, but rather should hold the defendant accountable by forcing him to place you in the position that you would have been in had you not been injured. There is a dollar value for your case, but that value should make “sense”.

The value of your case should reflect at least one of these main ideas. These ideas may not all apply in every case: A) money paid for your injury should restore you to the financial and emotional position that you would have been in had your injury not occurred; B) money paid for your injury should discourage the unsafe activities that led to your harm; and C) money paid for your injury should, in some cases like DUI accidents, punish the defendant for his recklessly harmful behavior. These factors should assist your lawyer in valuing your case.

Money paid for your injury should cover your case-related expenses. Medical bills (present and future) related to your initial ER visit, MRI and x-rays, orthopedist and chiropractor visits, physical therapy, and the like should be paid. Prescription and mileage expenses related to your injury should be covered in your settlement or jury award, in addition to pain and suffering (which includes both physical pain and emotional suffering). Remember, the law requires that you prove these. So, be sure to KEEP GREAT RECORDS OF YOUR LOSSES.

Good lawyers will help you determine your case’s value. Lawyers help you tell your story in a way that will achieve justice for you. Always remember, YOUR PERSONAL INJURY CASE IS NEVER A WAY TO GAIN INCOME, IT IS ALWAYS A WAY TO GET JUSTICE. AND JUST RESULTS SHOULD MAKE “SENSE”. If you were hurt by the carelessness of another and seek justice, give The Mance Law Group a call at 912.574.4LAW (4529).

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