West is Liberty County’s First Black Female Bailiff

Marguerite West
Marguerite West

Liberty County has its first African American female Bailiff. Marguerite West made history when she began her first day as a bailiff on October 19, 2009.

West took the post after a very distinguished military career. She served in the Army National Guard on a AGR tour which required her to report to duty on daily basis. As a full time manning soldier (AGR program), she served 11 years in the program in New Jersey, ending her tour to follow her husband at the time to Georgia. Upon her arrival, West enlisted in the GA National Guard and was a part time soldier for five years. During that time, she joined Savannah Technical College’s phlebotomy program then Altamaha Tech College’s CNA program. After completion of these programs West applied for a AGR position in the GA National Guard and was hired on as a Unit Supply Sergeant once again in the full time manning which allowed her to complete nine additional years and in January 31, 2008, West retired with a total 26 years military service.

West’s duties as a bailiff include building and maintaining good relationships with all court-related personnel, ensuring court room security, conducting courtroom searches. She is also responsible for arranging the delivery and re-delivery of prisoners, and ensuring their custody before, during, and after court appearances. She must also protect the judge from disturbances and protect the courtroom by demanding courtroom discipline.

West is the mother of two wonderful sons David A. West, 17, and Daniel A. West, 14. West has also made a name for herself as a freelance photographer in Liberty County.

“ The bailiff job is part time but it allows me to take an active role in a city that I have come to love,” West says.

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