West Broad Street YMCA Receives Donation of Floor Renovation

The benefits from the recent Home Depot Foundation one-day playground build continue at the West Broad Street YMCA.

Jason Dinverno, Sr. VP of Operations for Prestige USA was so moved by his experience volunteering at the build that he brought staff in to renovate the floors at the Y.

“My parents started this company,” Dinverno says, “so I grew up cleaning floors and making them look new. And I know what it means to have a place look and feel clean. The Y is doing so much for the kids in this area. We had to give back.”

Dinverno walked around the Y on October 13, the Home Depot Build day, and saw the terrible condition of the linoleum floors.

“I could tell they were doing their best to keep them clean, but the finish was totally gone. All their cleaning just made the floors actually look dirtier.” So Dinverno decided he would bring his team back and make a difference.

Dinverno and Sammy Salazar, Senior Director of Operations flew in from Texas and sent in equipment and staff from Atlanta and Charlotte. Arriving on a Friday afternoon they began removing the layers of trapped dirt, gum, and old cleaning products. By Friday night, all of the floors were stripped and prepped. By Saturday morning as much as six coats of finish had been added to the floor. They were then buffed with special propane buffer that really brought out the shine.

“We are so thankful and thrilled,” said Executive Director Peter Doliber. “When some of our folks came in on Monday they thought the floors were wet they were so shiny. Now we are learning how to take care of them.”

The West Broad Street YMCA is one of six remaining Heritage Y’s in the country.

Founded in 1947 during legalized segregation, the Y moved to its current home in 1968 between Kayton and Fraizer Homes.

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