Wesley Community Center Receives Coats for Children in Need


Living better starts here [TM] is the tagline associated with Alair Homes Savannah. This holiday season, after many have faced a challenging year, the team at Alair Savannah wanted to put that idea to use. Living better doesn’t just include our clients or our team, it also extends to our community. What would help our community partner, Wesley Community Center and their students live better?

Jessica Leavitt, regional community manager, reached out to Wesley community center and asked what their needs were. “Initially, we were thinking an angel tree, or someway to help put presents under the tree for those who are served by Wesley,” says Leavitt. After speaking with the staff at Wesley, the needs of their students became apparent, winter coats and apparel were missing from many of the children’s wardrobes.

“It was simple to go online, order hats, gloves, scarves and 15 coats. We wanted to make a significant impact and knew our vendors, clients and connections would be interested in engaging with us, so I immediately made a verbal commitment to providing 23 sets [coat, gloves, hat and scarf] to Wesley Community Center.” Between the two sites operating in Savannah, 61 children were accounted for. The goal increased to not only providing coats to just the Drayton Street location but also to the Lady Bamford center in Garden City.

After a social campaign and an email newsletter, coats started arriving to the Alair Savannah office. “Past and current clients, personal connections, and vendors all helped make this coat drive a massive success,” exclaims Leavitt. “ We are so thankful for the help of many that made it a reality to send over 70 coats to the centers.”

Alair is hoping to make the coat drive an annual tradition.

For more information or to contact Alair Homes Savannah, call 912- 232-7690, or visit alairhomes.com/savannah.

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