We Stand With Van Johnson


We bel ieve First District Alderman Van R. Johnson, II, is the best candidate for Mayor of Savannah. He has distinguished himself as an energetic advocate for the concerns of the residents of his District which includes several of Savannah’s densely populated neighborhoods. Although Johnson has amassed an impressive list of accomplishments in the First District, he has never lost sight of the importance of having the members of City Council work together as a team to effect the kind of progress in Savannah from which all our citizens would reap a fair share of benefits.

Johnson attended Savannah State University, and earned his master’s and bachelor’s degrees. He is a nationally certified Human Resources professional and a Georgia certified law enforcement professional. Johnson is thoroughly involved in civic and community life and has the ability to work with people from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. He personally touches lives and has provided inspirational leadership for many individuals, including the students who have participated in the Chatham County Youth Commission under his mentorship and leadership for more than 23 years, as well as the Savannah Youth Council which he co-founded in 2004. His educational background and his service and leadership in national municipal organizations, but more importantly, his service to our youth, consistent participation in various community activities that bring him in contact where he can feel the pulse of his constituents, resonates in his being a major voice to City Council’s decision-making process.

As an Alderman, previous Mayor Pro-Tem and Vice Chairman of Savannah City Council, Johnson has demonstrated intelligence, tenacity and professionalism. As Mayor, he will passionately work with and lead the City Council to decisions that will effect change for Savannah so we will be safe and feel safe as we walk and ride on improved sidewalks and streets; enjoy affordable housing and comprehensive recreational facilities, affordable downtown parking that includes a parking plan for employees; and reduce poverty by increasing the minimum wages for City employees to $15 per hour. Johnson will participate in open, inclusive, accessible and transparent government; and make sure that Savannah maintains its historic designation and that it is known as the Best City in Georgia to do business. He has a level of experience and an ability to communicate that over the years has made him a very influential representative for all of the citizens of Savannah.

We, at The Savannah Tribune, believe that Van Johnson deserves our support. It would be a mistake for the people of Savannah, if we do not elect the best qualified candidate as our Mayor. We urge our readers to “Stand with Van” on Tuesday, November 5. He will provide the leadership that we need to bring our city together and unite us around public safety, economic growth, poverty reduction, sustainable and affordable housing, neighborhood growth and revitalization within our historic city, infrastructure improvements, long-range planning for a clean and green Savannah, and open, accessible and transparent government. Please join us in electing Van Johnson our next Mayor.

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