We Must Vote To Keep Savannah Moving Forward

The Savannah Tribune has a proud and glorious heritage. Our history dates back to 1875, when three African-American civic and business leaders recognized the need for a newspaper dedicated to serving the African-American community. We have always been in the forefront of positive efforts to move our people in a direction that benefits us, as well as the overall community. Therefore, we want to encourage our readers to participate in EARLY VOTING through October 31st, or to go to the polls and VOTE on November 3rd. Voting is the only way to make sure that those who hate us will not be able to hold positions of influence over our futures. By voting, we honor the sacrifices and struggles encountered by our ancestors, and the many soldiers of the Civil Rights Movement who made it possible for all of us to cast a ballot and let our voices be heard.

With this and our other editions prior to the election, we will present our choices for Mayor and City Council. We hope you will vote for these candidates. However, regardless of your choices, please vote.

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