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When They Call For “Change,” What Do They Really Mean?

November 3rd is a very important day for Savannah. It is Election Day for municipal offices and we have contested races for the positions of Mayor and the eight City Council seats. We have noticed that some candidates and their sponsors are calling for “change” without any plans that are different from the actions already being taken by the current Mayor and Aldermen. In fact, if you carefully analyze what the new candidates are saying, you wonder why they are running or why the people who are determined to “take back Savannah” selected them. These candidates have proposed nothing that is unique when compared to the efforts of the current administration to respond to the challenges facing our city.

The major campaign issue raised by Mayor Edna Jackson’s opponents is crime prevention (a nationwide issue), but they have offered no specific plans other than hiring more police officers. They ignore the fact that under the leadership of Mayor Jackson, the current Council has already implemented an aggressive program to hire new, “qualified” police officers. In addition to the recruitment of more police officers, Mayor Jackson is also engaging residents, ministers, young people, and community leaders to help address this issue as a unified, collective effort by forming partnerships to put into place more youth activities, counseling and enhanced crime prevention programs recommended by the police chief and other law enforcement professionals.

Since the candidates running against Mayor Jackson do not have any new ideas or plans, we are compelled to ask: “What do they REALLY mean when they call for “Change?”

Obviously, we are not certain about the motives of these candidates, but we know that some people have a hard time accepting the fact that Savannah is being led by a female who is an African American, even though Savannah’s population is mostly female and African American.

Since there have been a few ridiculous claims of “cronyism,” maybe some of the business owners who are sponsoring these candidates want to make sure that their associates get all of the City contracts.

Regardless of what you think they mean, you must vote to make sure they do not get their wish. It is important for each citizen to vote in every election, but the very thought that many African American voters in Savannah may not cast a ballot in the November Election is not only disappointing, it is especially depressing.

Obviously, the fact that so many African Americans will not vote, or understand the importance of voting, is a source of grave concern to us at The Savannah Tribune. Voting is a responsibility of citizenship. It is our duty to help select our leaders and let our voices be heard on issues that impact us and our community.

We, at The Savannah Tribune, will do our part to encourage our readers to vote and to help pick the candidates who we believe will stand up for us.

We hope that you talk to your family and friends about what they REALLY mean when they call for Change and that you will vote in the November 3 City Election. We must vote to keep Savannah moving forward.

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