Voting Centers Mobile Locates Early Voting Places & Wait Times


Voters, you can now check your wait time at the Early Voting Locations. Chatham County has put into use a new online app, the ArcGIS app. Use your smartphone or computer, and check ahead of time to see what the wait time would be at the various Early Voting Locations. Voting Centers Mobile hosts a map of the current voting centers in Chatham County where you can vote in person or drop off absentee ballots.

The map allows you to click on the location pins to give you information on a particular site, including the location of the voting center, the most recently reported wait time and the hours of operation for that particular center. The location pins will be colored to make identification of wait times easy at a glance with green being less than 20 minutes, yellow is 20 mins to 40 mins, orange is 40 mins to an hour, and the red being more than an hour or closed.

Visit the Voting Centers Mobile online application at bit. ly/3o9TJ5i to find your nearest voting location and wait time.

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