Voter Suppression In Georgia: On The Rise Again!


The Georgia State Legislature, which is majority Repubican in the Senate and House of Representatives, is in the process of fast-tracking Anti-Voting Bills that will only enhance Voter Suppression in our state by making it more difficult to exercise the right to cast one’s vote — all this after a successful high voter turnout general election in November 2020, followed by another successful, and even higher than expected voter-turnout for the Runoff election in January 2021. Both of these elections were declared legal and official according to Georgia’s voter policies as enforced by the Georgia Secretary of State’s office, and further declared legal through judgements in the judicial system. Yes, the November and January elections were conducted fairly and WITHOUT MASS VOTER FRAUD as promoted by conspiracy theorists and former President Donald Trump. After the number of recounts that were challenged and demanded, both elections were legally certified, and the results did not change.

There are several Senate Bills and House Bills proposed by Republican members, many of which did not have input from Democratic members of the House and Senate.

Allen Burnes, Executive Director, Coastal Regional Commission, shares this information: “Nearly 60 pieces of legislation relating to how Georgia holds elections have now been introduced in the General Assembly. These bills come at the issue from nearly every angle, but an all-day hearing was held [this past] Friday on HB legislation/59831 (Barry Fleming-R), an omnibus bill incorporating many Republican positions into one document. Among other things, this 48-page bill would: require a driver’s license or state ID number to obtain an absentee ballot, which can be requested no less than 11 days prior to the election; reduce advance voting on weekends to only one Saturday and no Sundays; move absentee ballot drop boxes inside buildings where advance voting is held and limit their access to the same hours as advance voting; prohibit providing food or drink to people waiting in lines to vote; limit in-person voting on any day to the 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. timeframe; and prohibit counties from accepting funds to expand voting capacity from non-profits.”

Voters, we must be Alert, Aware, Informed and make personal contact with the Senators and Representatives in the Legislature, especially those who are members of the Special Committee on Election Integrity. Call, and/or Email them Today, Tomorrow and the Next Day. Flood their phones and emails with your concerns and comments. The committee members are:

Brian Fleming: (404) 656-5105, Kimberly Alexander: (404) 656- 7859, Alan Powell: (404) 463-3793, Jan Jones: (404) 656-5072, Houston Gaines: (404) 656-0298, Shaw Blackmon: (404) 656-5103, Buddy DeLoach: (404) 656- 0178, Demetrius Douglas: (404) 656-7859, Bonnie Rich: (404) 656-5087, Calvin Smyre: (404) 656-0109, and Rick Williams: (404) 656-0254.

You may also send emails using their names. Here is an example: jan.

Fair Fight Action is hosting Voting Rights Caucus Daily Hearings which began Monday, February 22 and will continue this week through Thursday, February 25. You are invited to hear testimony from community leaders and other civil and voting rights advocates surrounding HB 531. You may still witness the hearings on Wednesday and Thursday as listed (Times are subject to change):

Save Souls to the Polls: Wednesday, February 24, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM. Protect Georgia Voters’ Identity: Thursday, February 25, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM.

To view the hearings of the Special Committee on Election Integrity, please Google search Georgia General Assembly – SPECIAL COMMITTEE ON ELECTION INTEGRITY ( or visit https://

Our Voting Rights are once again in jeopardy – particularly those of us in the African American and minority communities who tend to support Democratic candidates and issues. This time our voting rights are proposed to be even more suppressed because the results from a fair and legal election did not validate the conspiracy theories about a rigged election and voter fraud, and that the Republican candidates favored for U.S. President and U.S. Senators for Georgia by many of their supporters, did not succeed in getting the majority votes in our state.

In addition to the Committee Members listed above, contact your State Senator and your Representative in the Georgia House. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! We cannot idly stand by. Our Vote is Our Voice. Our Vote is Our Power.

The list of Senate Bills and House Bills Currently Proposed in the Georgia Legislature:


SB 69 – Repealing Automatic Voter Registration; SB 177 – Repealing No-Excuse VBM & Requires Doctor Note; SB 71 – Repealing No-Excuse VBM; SB 92 – Photo ID Required TWICE for Absentee Voting; SB 175 – Requiring Photo ID for VBM Applications for all non–UOCAVA voters; and SB 202 – Restricts Sending Absentee Voter Applications, Sanctions Violators and Implements More List Maintenance Rules.


HB 366 – Repealing Automatic Voter Registration, House Version; HB 325 – Repealing No-Excuse VBM, House Version; HB 267 – Banning VBM Until Voter Has Voted Once In Person; HB 62 – Banning Outside Grant Money to Counties; HB 270 – Restricting When Absentee Ballots Can Be Mailed; HB 326 – Restricting Wireless Technology in Voting Machines; and HB 461 – Limiting Who Can Count Ballots & Greatly Expanding Poll Watcher Access.

All of this to fix a system that’s not broken. Call your State Rep & tell them to protect your right to vote! (404) 656-5030

To read the full list of Senate Bills and House Bills Currently Proposed in the Georgia Legislature and track their progress, visit legis.

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