Vote YES To Keep Savannah And Chatham County Moving Forward

Editor’s Note: About This Edition


The Savannah Tribune has a proud and glorious heritage. Our history dates back to 1875, when three African American civic and business leaders recognized the need for a newspaper dedicated to serving the African American community. We have always been in the forefront of positive efforts to move our people in a direction that benefits us, as well as the overall community. Therefore, this edition of The Savannah Tribune is a crucial part of our efforts to fulfill our mission. We want to encourage our readers to VOTE EARLY through NOVEMBER 1, 2013 or go to the polls and VOTE on November 5. During this election, you have an opportunity to influence the future direction of our community. Therefore, we strongly urge our readers to exercise their rights and fulfill their civic responsibility. By voting, we honor the sacrifices and struggles encountered by our ancestors, and the many soldiers of the Civil Rights Movement who made it possible for all of us to cast a ballot and let our voices be heard.

On November 5, we hope you will vote YES ON BOTH QUESTIONS related to the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST). YOUR YES VOTES WILL HELP KEEP SAVANNAH AND CHATHAM COUNTY MOVING FORWARD. The many improvement projects that will be funded include items like a new arena, Police Headquarters, funding for the Civil Rights Museum, improved affordable housing, neighborhood community centers and improvements to our drainage system. The local TEA PARTY is campaigning against us. They will win in their efforts to hold us back if we do not vote.

On page 9 of this edition, we have included a copy of the official sample ballot showing the yes votes.

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