Vote On May 20Th

The Election Of Our Next School Board President Is Important

On May 20, 2014, we will elect the next President of the Savannah/Chatham County School Board, and it is important that the residents of Chatham County go to the polls and vote. The five (5) individuals who are competing for this position are Sadie C. Brown, Jolene Byrne, Chester Ellis, George Seaborough and David Simons. As a concerned citizen, we should learn as much as we can about the qualifications of these candidates.

If the school system is to ignite a passion for learning and teaching at a high level, we need a School Board President who has a proven passion for education and the students who attend the public schools. It is critical that we prepare for the future by developing our youth. As voters, we can contribute to this process by voting on May 20th for the best qualified candidate to lead our school system.

Parents and guardians often find a difficult battle waging between external influences and the values they try to instill in their young people. By electing a School Board President who has the ability to lead the Board in setting the appropriate policies, we can help our parents, administrators and students.

Education is the foundation for successful futures for our young people. There can be no prosperity without the firm foundation of a high quality education. It is our duty as citizens to help make the foundation for our students as stable as possible by voting on May 20th in the election of the next School Board President.

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