Vote Now: Your Life Could Depend On It!


On November 8, 2016, the people of the United States voted to take a chance on a President who started his campaign with the racist falsehood that President Barack Obama was not born in America. Throughout his campaign and his presidency, Donald Trump has continued to lie about everything big and small. The Washington Post’s Fact Checker has documented well over 20,000 false or misleading statements and claims that President Trump has uttered since he was inaugurated on January 20, 2017. Yes, America selected a President who openly bragged about molesting women, solicited illegal Russian help for his campaign, denigrates military service, and boasts about filing business bankruptcies. As for the devastating effects of COVID-19, more than 215,000 Americans are dead and almost 8 million have suffered, or are still suffering, largely because of President Trump’s ineffective leadership. He did not tell the truth about this debilitating coronavirus from the beginning and he continues to spread falsehoods. Just as damning is how President Trump has been dismantling the institutional checks and balances of our democracy and attempting to lead our government into an autocracy. Sadly, we have many enabling Congressmen who have forgotten that they were elected to represent ALL of the people, and not just to follow the dictates of Mr. Trump.

Now, it is time to put America on a better path. Your life could depend on it. Certainly, the American Democracy depends on it. We, urge our readers to vote for Joe Biden for President. We are excited about Biden, not only because he is an experienced statesman with deep domestic and foreign policy experience, but also because he has selected as his vice presidential running mate Senator Kamala Harris, an African American female who would clearly be able to step in as President, if needed. As Vice President, Harris could be a real contributor in the policy-making process. A Biden victory would signal that America understands that a serious error was made four years ago.

Joe Biden will tell us the truth. He has the intelligence and leadership ability that we need to help us defeat COVID-19; rebuild our economy; push back on racism, inequality and disenfranchisement; reclaim America’s position of international leadership; and maintain our democratic form of government.

These are desperate and trying times that demand new vision, new direction and new leadership. Joe Biden is the man for these times. He appeals to the enlightened and better part of our national spirit. With Biden as President, we will be able to help our nation navigate the stormy seas ahead and put us back on course. Throughout the campaign and his long public service career, he has been rock solid and unshakable. He has patiently and skillfully overcome every vicious attack, but he will not be able to Build America Back Better alone. He will need help from all of us. Thus, we hope for the November 3 General Election, our readers will not only vote for Joe Biden for President, but also vote for the other candidates we have endorsed on our sample ballot that is on page 3 of this new newspaper.

2 thoughts on “Vote Now: Your Life Could Depend On It!”

  1. I will NOT be voting for Joe Biden/Harris they are pro abortion, support gay marriage, etc. Biden even supports an 8 year old transgender. How can a real Christian support such blatant evil/wickedness? Trump may have flaws and his tweets may be too much at times, but he is clearly the better choice to establish conservative/christian values in this country. Just look at Amy Barret, the Democrats attack her because she is pro life and religious. Democrats are hostile to Christian values. Amy Barrett is so much better than that evil RBG. RBG spent her life voting to remove crosses, stop prayers, support abortions, support LGBT. She was just awful. Im glad she is gone

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