Vontae Davis Quits NFL At Halftime

Football is a tough physical sport that undoubtingly takes a toll on one’s body. According to ESPN the average age of retirement for National Football League (NFL) players is 30. Former Buffalo Bills cornerback Vontae Davis played 9 full seasons in the NFL and had started on his 10th before retiring at the age of 30- in the middle of a game. This past Sunday, September 16th, the Bills faced off against the San Diego Chargers at their very own New Era Field in New York. The Bills went into halftime losing 14-6. When the Bills came out of the locker room to start the third quarter Davis did not come out with his team. Ending the half with only one tackle in the game Davis decided his body had had enough and retired from the NFL during halftime. Davis did not inform any of his teammates of his decision, however he did tell Sean McDermott, the Bills head coach, who chose not to tell the team in order to avoid distractions. Bill’s safety, Micah Hyde said, “It felt like a high school rumor going around for a second. Then once we got out there, I realized he wasn’t out there. I was like, ‘Oh, must be true.’” Although the backlash from Davis’ retirement has been negative, he took to Twitter saying that he is at peace with his decision. Davis ended his NFL career with 396 tackles, 22 interceptions and one touchdown. However, the biggest highlight of his career will be his infamous decision to retire at the half.

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