UPGRADE YOUR MINDSET: Are you Discounting Your Worth?


I pulled into the driveway the other day only to be met with a huge clump of mail protruding from my mailbox. It was the monthly coupon bundle and its contents practically spilled out of my box. Who doesn’t appreciate a great sale and opportunities to save money? I know I do!

As exciting as the notion of discounts are the least pleasant is feeling like your value is being discounted by others. When you bring so much to the table (experience, energy, talents, etc.) and others don’t see it, it can easily lead to resentment, burnout, unreached financial goals, and overall dissatisfaction with one’s life.

But do you know what’s worst than being discounted by others? It’s discounting your own worth. It’s not being able to see what makes you unique, valuable, and quite extraordinary. This is often done by accident. According to the Johari Window, a psychological concept, every person has a “blind spot” to some degree where they can’t fully see their value like others may see it.

When you don’t realize how valuable you are- –your gifts, your strengths, energy, talents, etc it’s easy to run the risk of minimizing your value, letting others take advantage of you, or missing out on amazing lucrative opportunities. Unsure if this is you? Here are some signs you may be discounting your own worth. -• You have little to no time for self-care and rest -• You make other’s goals a priority over your own -• You feel guilty for saying no & having boundaries • You don’t create big goals for fear you don’t measure ups -• You’re always going to the aid of others

Do any of these seem familiar? Don’t feel bad. It’s so easy to do. I’ve been there. In the past, I struggled with the lack of self-care for years. It’s so easy to believe that proving your worth means working yourself to the bone. So Untrue! As Maya Angelo famously said, “when you know better you do better”. What do you really want to achieve? Knowing your worth opens the door for you to exceed your dreams. So how do you move past these challenges to begin claiming your worth? Check out my next article in 2 weeks when I will share how to determine your worth and multiply it!

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