Update on the Go Healthy Challenge

After one week of healthy eating and exercising, the participants of the Go Healthy Challenge gathered at West Broad Street YMCA for the first weigh-in.

Collectively the ladies lost fifty (50) pounds.

AKAs lost .068% of “start” weight. Deltas lost .029% of start weight.

Biggest losers for the AKAs were Patricia Mincey and Carol Bell, both losing 5.6 pounds. Leading the losers for the Deltas was Joyce Davis, losing 3.2 pounds.

After weigh-ins, the ladies listened to presentations by Carmelia Lomen on Hydration and Ziggy Kent on Importance of Exercise. Finally, the ladies participated in a line dance demonstration by Margaret Ann Pearson.

The public is invited to attend all wellness presentations presented as a part of the “Go Healthy Challenge”.

Presentations are held on Mondays at 5:30 p.m. in the Aerobics Room. Scheduled for June 15, 2009 is a presentation by a medical doctor on healthy lifestyles.

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