United Way of the Coastal Empire Seek Donations

Samuel G. McCachern
Samuel G. McCachern

Dear Friends and neighbors, our community has a November 15 deadline. The health and human services that receive United Way support are depending on you. Many times during this campaign, I have been told, “No one asked.” As we near the end of the campaign with a significant amount of money to raise, I reflected on that comment. I have to disagree.

Did you hear about last week’s fire in Ellabel? A family lost two children and is now without a home. Agencies, such as American Red Cross, help with the disaster. Hospice Savannah provides grief counseling. If you heard the story, You were asked.

Did you see any of the stories about teen violence in the news? Agencies such as Ash Tree, Brothers and Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Clubs provide mentors and role models for our youth. There are other United Way programs dealing with education to help make their future brighter. If you know about the recent tragedies regarding our youth, You were asked.

Has anyone in your family faced Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, sexual assault or deafness? There are United Way agencies dealing with these and more on a daily basis. They work with patients and victims, but they also provide support to their families and caregivers. If you have ever faced health challenges, You were asked.

The economy has changed many lives in the past few years. Job loss, hunger, stressed household budgets and job retraining are all realities of the day. America’s Second Harvest, Consumer Credit Counseling, Georgia Legal Services and Kirk Healing Center are helping individuals and families manage blows the economy has dealt. If you know someone having difficulties in this economy, You were asked

United Way of the Coastal Empire touches many lives and makes a difference in this community. If not you, your neighbor uses the services of a United Way agency. Our community must support the efforts of these agencies. The Coastal Empire’s quality of life depends on these programs.

You were asked. Have you responded? Was it a pledge at work or an individual gift? Did you hope someone else will take care of it? The United Way campaign ends this week. It is our responsibility to make sure the programs are funded. You may be able to contribute at work. You can also contact United Way at 912.651.7714 or donate online at www.uwce.org

Please give what you can and THANK YOU! Samuel G. McCachern, 2012 United Way Campaign Chair

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