Undeliverable Tax Bills

The Chatham County Tax Commissioner’s Office has had close to 1,000 first installment property tax bills returned to their office as undeliverable.

“Property tax bills are divided into two installments with the first bill being delivered on or about April 1st. Addresses submitted to the Tax Assessor are used for these mailings. If the tax payer fails to provide a correct mailing address, the post office returns the tax bill as undeliverable. I am very concerned with the number of bills returned to us this year,” says Chatham County Tax Commissioner Sonya Jackson.

Although penalties are not incurred until after the November 15th due date, property owners may incur additional fees as a result of late payments. Late tax payments may result in interest penalties, fees and subsequent collection action if left unpaid.

Commissioner Jackson is concerned that undeliverable first installment bills could impact delivery of the second bill which could pose an undue burden on some taxpayers. If a property owner has not received a bill, they are encouraged to call the Tax Commissioner’s Office at 912-652-7100 to confirm their address of record is correct.

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