U. S. Attorney And Savannah Chapter Of Dismas Charities, Inc. Discuss Re-Entry

Attorney Edward Tarver
Attorney Edward Tarver

United States Attorney Edward Tarver and the Savannah chapter of Dismas Charities, Inc. will hosted a roundtable discussion recently, regarding the state of re-entry efforts in the Savannah-Chatham County area. Each year, over 620,000 individuals are released from state and federal prisons nationwide. Nationally, 2 out of every 3 prisoners released from state prisons are re-arrested for new crimes, and approximately one-half of those released are returned to pris- on within 3 years. Tarver formed the Re-Entry Coalition to help ensure those re-entering the community have the necessary support and supervision to remain stable, sober, and crimefree. The diverse group of leaders from federal, state and local governments, and from academic and non-profit organizations, will discuss the importance of successfully reintegrating citizens into our community, and will formulate partnerships and the coordination of resources to address these concerns.

There were over 50 in attendance and a variety of agencies represented, including City of Savannah Mayor Edna Jackson, County Commissioner President Al Scott, Chief Deputy Roy Harris, Chief of Police Joseph Lumpkin, Chatham County District Attorney Meg Heap and representatives from The Chamber of Commerce, U.S Probation Office, Department of Labor, and various state and local organizations.

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