Tybee to Receive “Bicycle Friendly Community” Award

Photo courtesy Tybee Island Tourism Council
Photo courtesy Tybee Island Tourism Council

After an Honorable Mention in its 2010 bid to become recognized as a “Bicycle Friendly Community” be the League of American Bicyclists, the City of Tybee Island received acknowledgement in 2011 at the group’s Bronze Level.

The director of the Bicycle Friendly America Program, Bill Nesper, will be visiting Tybee on July 25th to make the official presentation of this award at 4:30 PM at Tybee’s Park of Seven Flags. The Park of Seven Flags is at the intersection of Tybrisa and Butler Avenue on Tybee. Following the dedication of the “Bicycle Friendly Community” sign at the park, attendees are invited to hop on their bicycles to ride the bike route north approximately one mile for refreshments and a “Meet and Greet” at the pavilion in Memorial Park.

The city has been working to achieve this recognition since late in 2009 under guidelines and suggestions from the League of American Bicyclists. Some of the efforts have included: more communications from the city about bicycling events and programs on cable access, the City’s web and Facebook pages, and on the City Hall announcement marquee; participation in the annual “Bike to Work” events each May; sponsoring of bicycle safety workshops; certification of police and city staff as bicycle safety instructors; a renewed bicycle registration effort; and, extension of the city’s bicycle route and new signage to mark it and to encourage its use.

With large numbers of tourists and their vehicles during the summer months, parking spaces are hard to come by, and the city feels that whatever can be done to encourage bicycle use can help ease the congestion and frustration, in addition to the health and environmental benefits to be derived from reducing the automotive carbon footprint on the island.

Come out and experience some “Tybee time” on your bicycle, relax with other Tybee and visiting cyclists, and enjoy the “bicycle friendly” atmosphere on Monday, July 25th, at 4:30 PM at the Park of Seven Flags.

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