Tybee Island Seeking Volunteers

In light of expected larger than normal crowds the weekend of April 15-17, the City of Tybee is seeking volunteers to help clean up the beach the morning of Sunday, April 17th. Anyone interested in lending a helping hand should meet at the Tybee Island Marine Science Center, near the Parker Pier and Pavilion, at 8AM Sunday morning. The cleanup effort is expected to be over by 10AM. Supplies will be available if needed, including trash bags, gloves, extended picker tools, and sieves or nets. Community service credits are available for many programs.

The City and its stakeholders care very much about keeping our beaches clean. Past experience with this time of year’s un-sponsored events, as well as other major events during the season, indicates that we may have an excess of litter left on Tybee’s beaches. This is a major problem, because unrecovered litter will likely be sampled by wildlife, whether sea gulls, otters, dolphins, sea turtles, or more exotic species like whales, when that litter is swept to sea.

Additionally, many plastic and other, inedible items can end up entangling, poisoning, or otherwise harming and killing wildlife that tries to swim through or ingest it.

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