Turkeys for Families Impacted by the Economic Downturn

Commissioner Priscilla Thomas
Commissioner Priscilla Thomas

Commissioner Priscilla Thomas and members of the Summer Bonanza Board will once again host a Holiday Bonanza give-away for families challenged by the current downturn in the economy. This will be the second year in a row that the Summer Bonanza program has provided support to qualified families participating in the Summer Bonanza Program.

The event will be held at the Moses Jackson Community Center, 1410 Richards Street, at 11:00 AM on Wednesday, December 16. Turkeys will be given to fifty families selected by the Summer Bonanza Board.

Summer Bonanza is an award winning non-profit program founded by Commissioner Pricilla Thomas that provides on-going educational and social programs for students to promote educational success. These programs bridge the gap between the summer recess and the start of school in the fall and allow Summer Bonanza participants to start the new school year “ready to learn.”

The Holiday Bonanza program is designed to insure that all participating families can provide a good wholesome holiday meal. Students perform at higher levels when they receive regular quality meals.

The Holiday Bonanza program is fully funded with private donations.

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