Trotter Appointed to House Study Committee HR585

Beverlee Trotter
Beverlee Trotter

Beverly Trotter, Director of Savannah Youth City, Inc. has been appointed to serve on the House Study Committee HR585, the House Study Committee on Youth Gangs and Violence. The House Study Committee, Chaired by Representative Carl Gilliard is looking forward to formulating some viable suggestions to give youth alternatives to gangs and violence.

There are a series of proposed meeting dates and locations including Thursday, August 29th: 9:00am at Georgia Southern Campus Armstrong Center. Savannah, Georgia and Thursday, September 26th: 9:00am at Augusta State University in Augusta, Georgia.

Trotter was selected to serve on this committee because of her long standing work with Savannah Youth City, Inc. She founded Savannah Youth City in 2013 with a goal ofproviding guidance and support for young people who are at risk. The organization has been successful reaching young people in our community, increasing hope and creating change into the lives of many.

Savannah Youth City, Inc offers youth the opportunity to train for Community Emergency Response Team referred to as TEEN CERT. The program teaches students ages 12 and older to assist efficiently and effectively in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.

During the 22-hour training, students learn how to open airways, control bleeding, and treat shock, as well as how to organize volunteers and collect disaster intelligence in order to support the efforts of first responders. Instructors include paramedics, firefighters, doctors, and other qualified professionals, and Savannah Youth City TEEN CERT even has a gifted counselor on staff to teach the important element of psychological preparedness.

Youth volunteers who complete the training gain important skills, all of which enable them to help in the emergency situations that can arise in everyday life.

With almost 50 youth volunteer participants, Savannah Youth City, Inc. remains one of the most popular youth programs in the city. Last year the organization was awarded the outstanding Collaboration Award for Building and Sustaining an outstanding partnership from The Emergency Management Agency with Savannah State University’s Homeland Security Program.

“It is our hope that former students will move on to become doctors, nurses, surgeons, paramedics, fire fighters, scuba divers, teachers etc.,” Trotter says, “because of what we teach them in class.”

Serving on House Study Committee HR585, Trotter would like to help find solutions to give young people reasons not to destroy their lives, via intervention and prevention that can only come through collaboration and consolidation.

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