Trinity’s Neighborhood Fun Day

Trinity Baptist Church of Savannah, Georgia is still rejoicing because of the blessings of their 2nd Annual Neighborhood Fun Day, Saturday, June 25. Children teens and adults from the neighborhood, along with relatives and friends of Trinity gathered to meet, greet, eat and get acquainted. The feast—grilled chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans and more—was provided by Robert and Avis Ware, Patricia Kea (members) and Troy and Linda Dilworth, friends of Trinity.

The stylish haircuts by Gator of “Phat Head’s Barber Shop;” the bouncy house, games, toys, books, candy, ice cream, watermelon, gifts and smiles all combined to make Neighborhood Fun Day a huge success.

Ms. Pamela Jones, a long-time resident of the neighborhood, and licensed insurance agent provided information regarding family health and life insurance and coordinated donations and services by several organizations, including: Ms. Erica Gaines and Peachstate Insurance; Mr. Matthew Tolbert of Regis Legal Shield; and Mr. Alphonso Strickland, NAA Alliance (Life Insurance).

We are especially grateful to Mr. Mark Keller and the Savannah Fire and Emergency Services. Despite the record heat, one of the four firemen in attendance dressed in full gear to demonstrate to the children (as well as adults) their level of commitment to the safety of our community.

President Gloria Williams of the Cuyler Brownsville Neighborhood Association brought water and cold drinks. Ms. Ursuline Dickey and President Rebecca Joiner of the Cuyler Community Improvement Association (CCIA) gathered names of persons in need of smoke detectors and passed the information on to the Savannah Fire Department.

We praise God for a wonderful, peaceful day in the Trinity Neighborhood!

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