Town Hall On Underage Drinking And HIV

Monday, November 25 at 6 pm a Town Hall meeting will be held at the West Broad Street YMCA 1110 May Street regarding Underage Drinking and HIV.

“Underage drinking and the spread of HIV infections is a serious concern in our area,” says Dr. Johnnie Myers, Ph.D., professor at Savannah State University. “Too many young people and parents do not know the impact and connection of youth drinking and the spread of HIV. We want people to be informed and to be able to ask questions.”

Georgia ranks as the 39th highest in the nation in underage drinking. It is estimated that underage drinking cost Georgia nearly one billion dollars a year in increased crime, violence, and injury. Drinking can also lead to unsafe behavior including those which spread disease. According to the Center for Disease Control, Georgia has one of the highest rates of individuals infected with HIV and the numbers are growing. Action must be taken to stop this preventable disease from spreading. Understanding the correlation between underage drinking and the spread of HIV is a step towards preventing the spread of this disease.

The meeting is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be provided. Door prizes and gift cards will be available to attendees. For more information contact Dr. Johnnie Myers at 912- 358-3227.

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