Tony Thomas Is Best For Savannah And The Sixth District

Alderman Tony Thomas
Alderman Tony Thomas

On November 5th, the citizens of Savannah elected several new members to serve on the City Council. In the races for Mayor and 6th District Alderman, none of the candidates received a majority of the votes cast, and runoff elections have been scheduled for December 3rd. The Savannah Tribune has endorsed Van Johnson for Mayor. With this edition, we are also encouraging our readers to support the re-election of Tony Thomas for 6th District Alderman.

The 6th District includes areas and neighborhoods such as Windsor Forest, Wilshire, Coffee Bluff, Rose Dhu, Middleground, White Bluff, Rio, Sweetwater, the Armstrong Campus of Georgia Southern University and Hunter Army Air Field. For many years, Tony Thomas has been known as “Savannah’s Alderman,” because not only has he championed projects that directly benefited the citizens and neighborhoods in the 6th District, he has also represented a strong voice for all citizens of Savannah. He was first elected to the Council in 1999, and served as the Council Chairman from 2004 to 2016.

Thomas is a native of Savannah who graduated from Windsor Forest High School and attended both Armstrong Atlantic State University and Savannah State University before launching an advertising firm based in Savannah with locations throughout Georgia. Additionally, Thomas holds a Georgia real estate broker’s license and owns a group of retail stores.

Alderman Thomas is a 2000 Graduate of Leadership Savannah who has served on the boards of United Way, Southside YMCA Board, and the EOA Volunteers & Retirees Advisory Board. He served as the City Council liaison for the Savannah Development and Renewal Authority, the Trade Center Authority and the Savannah Convention and Visitors Bureau. He is a member and past Chairman of the Leadership Training Council for the National League of Cities (NLC); former Chairman of the Community & Economic Development Steering Committee; a NLC Ambassador and one of the 13 original NLC Diamond award recipients. Additionally, he served as the 12th District President of the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) as well as a member of GMA’s Municipal Training Board and many other leadership roles throughout his career.

Alderman Thomas has built a reputation for being a responsive, transparent, and accountable member of City Council. He is one of the hardest working elected officials in our area. He was a major advocate for projects such as the purchase and renovation of the Coffee Bluff Marina, installation of additional sidewalks in the 6th District, improvements to the Crusader Community Center and the erection of the historical marker preserving the legacy of African Americans who settled along the White Bluff/Coffee Bluff public waterways. He is credited with leading the efforts to almost totally eliminate the repeated flooding of homes in Windsor Forest.

Tony Thomas has served this community with tenacity and dedication. Even during times when he faced personal challenges and criticisms, he was not distracted from his responsibilities as a Savannah Alderman.

Now that we will have several new members of the City Council, Savannah would certainly benefit from electing an experienced, proven leader to represent the 6th District. Thus, we hope that our readers will vote for Tony Thomas in the December 3rd Runoff Election and also make sure that your family members, friends and associates vote for him.

Remember, early voting is from November 19th through November 27th.

3 thoughts on “Tony Thomas Is Best For Savannah And The Sixth District”

  1. Has the Savannah Tribune no regard for the safety of the youth of the city? Alderman Thomas has a documented record of taking advantage of teen boys. No amount of experience is worth empowering a predator.

  2. That is the most rose colored description of TT I’ve ever seen. If by “transparent” and “responsive” you mean alternately openly abusive towards constituents using his personal Facebook and NextDoor accounts then blocking folks and hiding behind his Alderman page? This is an absolutely comical read. Yes, I live in his district. Yes, I already voted against him in the general and the runoff. And given how he and his attack dogs do business on social media and in general, I’ll pass on giving my real info since there won’t be any meaningful discourse, just insults, threats, and attempted intimidation.

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