Tomorrow Never Ends

Evangelist Rachel Thomas
Evangelist Rachel Thomas

We pray all the time every day and said Grace at lunch. Then they asked me to come to the Board to talk with the Board and I went praying of course (smile). When I entered this huge room, they all were sitting there looking at me.

I spoke and they told me that they had three questions to ask me; 1. Do you want to get fired? 2. Do you want to fight it in court, or 3. Do you want to resign? I asked them a question, “May I pray about it? And they were astonished and in amazement. Why, Yes! Mrs. Thomas – we will leave the room, and they did.

I folded my hands and looked up to God and asked, Lord, what do YOU want me to do? I heard a clear audible voice say to me, “Give it up!” and I asked the Board to come back in and I told them what God said and I told them I will obey. They were so surprised and asked –“You, with a Master’s Degree and teaching for twenty two years? You are going to quit?? “And I said,” yes and may I use the phone to tell my husband ?”

He said over and over on the phone, I knew you were going to do it, I knew you were going to do it!! So I walked outside the Board’s building and I felt the sunshine on me so bright and I felt so much joy in my heart that I had obeyed and pleased God.

For a year, I was like Abraham not knowing what was next, but I attended all the Bible classes I could and I soon got a letter from David Wilkerson asking me to join them in a street outreach in all the 5 Burroughs of New York. I put the letter down. After praying for God to choose, I heard that audible voice again – to GO.

I told my husband that I had no money and he said, “I will send you and on the airplane back to Savannah, I saw and heard a Spiritual being (Angel) say in that voice again – ‘Do the same in Savannah.’ The Spirit of the Lord led me to people and places I needed go and I obeyed God.

For twenty there (23) years, the Unswitchables have been reaching souls in Savannah as the only City- Wide Street Outreach Ministry. To God be all the Glory and Honor and Praise for He alone is worthy. AMEN!!AMEN and Amen. Jesus is the way the TRUTH and the Life. He gives us Eternal pleasure in HEAVEN with HIM that NEVER ends.

God is from the Eternities and is the Eternities to come. We are from the Eternities of God for He had us in His mind ever before the World was made therefore our Tomorrow is being lived in us and we are putting History in the making of everyday. Wake Up your Eternal Connection and Shake loose what Adam and Eve did.

God so LOVED THE WORLD (you and I) that He gave us His Begotten Son (Jesus) to bring us to the realization that it is Not Over! Jesus paid your price for sin. He has given us another chance (USE IT!!!). To our God and Father be the Glory forever, and ever though the endless eternities of the eternities Amen (so be it).

Love and God Bless

Mama Rachel Thomas I ask all saints of God of all gender and race to join in June 8-29, 2011 as God so designed. We will put notice in all newspapers and Town Crier as to when and where as the Lord tells me. Thank you.

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