Tiger Woods Comeback

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods spoke publicly for the first time in nearly a year while making an appearance at the 2021 Hero World Challenge on Tuesday. Since a horrific car wreck in late February left Woods in a hospital bed for several weeks and at home in a wheelchair for a long period of time after that, Woods has not released much information at all outside of minor updates assuring golf fans that he was progressing.

A little over a week ago, we saw him swing a golf club for the first time since last December when he played in the PNC Championship with his son, Charlie.

On Tuesday, he spoke for 45 minutes about his accident, his life and what a potential comeback could look like for him over the next few years.

“This one’s been much more difficult [than the 10 combined on my knee and back]. The knee stuff that I had on my left knee, those operations were one thing, that’s one level. Then you add the back, that’s another level. And then with this right leg … it’s hard to explain how difficult it has been just to be immobile for the three months, just lay there and I was just looking forward to getting outside. That was a goal of mine”, said Woods.

Wood continued to speak about his injury… “As far as playing at the Tour level, I don’t know when that’s going to happen. Now, I’ll play a round here or there, a little hit and giggle, I can do something like that. … To see some of my shots fall out of the sky a lot shorter than they used to is a little eye-opening, but at least I’m able to do it again. That’s something that for a while there it didn’t look like I was going to.”

Tiger also said he enjoys playing forward tees and chipping and putting but repeatedly insinuated that he’s unsure if his right leg will cooperate to the point that he’ll be able to compete at either a PGA Tour or major championship level ever again.

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