Thomas Square Historic Neighborhood Association Elects New Board & Officers

The Thomas Square Historic Neighborhood Association is excited to announce a new slate of board members and officers elected to represent the residents and businesses of “the coolest neighborhood in Savannah.”

On July 11th the association elected Jamie Andersen, Jason Combs, Clinton Edminster, Kellie Fletcher, Kwela Hermanns, James Massey, Nichelle Stephens, Joe Wenum, and Joshua Yates to the board of directors. At the first board meeting, held on July 26th, the board elected James Massey as Treasurer, Kellie Fletcher as Secretary, Jamie Andersen as Vice-President, and Clinton Edminster as President.

“Strong neighborhoods home to people who know, trust, and respect their neighbors. I believe these associations must first and foremost help people know each other. – Our area of town is going through some exciting changes, some big ones too, and it’s important we work together to bring everyone to the table,” said Clinton Edminster.

In July 2016 two former neighborhood associations, Thomas Square on the East and Metropolitan on the West, agreed to merge and form the current Thomas Square Neighborhood Association. Since then, membership has grown steadily from around 20 to just over 130.

The mission of the neighborhood association is to bring together residents and businesses for the common good of preserving the historic integrity and resources of the area. It will strive to create a safe environment and promote growth and sustainability for everyone.

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