“Think!” By Evangelist Rachel Thomas AWAKE!!!

Rachel Thomas
Rachel Thomas

The greatest sin: Fear; The best day: Today; The Biggest fool: The boy who will not go-to school; The best town: Where you succeed; The most agreeable companion: One who would not have you any different than who you are; The great bore: One who will not come to the point; A still greater bore: One who keeps on talking after he has made his point; The greatest deceiver: One who deceives himself; The greatest invention of the devil: War; The greatest secret of production: Saving waste; The best work: What you like; The 1- best play: Work; The greatest comfort: The knowledge that you have done your work well; The greatest mistake: Giving UP!

The most expensive indulgence: Hate; The cheapest, stupidest, and easiest thing to do: Finding fault; The greatest: trouble maker: One who talks too much; The greatest stumbling block: Egotism; The most ridiculous asset: Pride; The worst bankrupt: The soul that has lost its enthusiasm; The cleverest man: One who always does what he thinks is right; The most dangerous person:

The liar; The most dis-agreeable person: The complainer; The best teacher: One who makes you want to learn; The meanest feeling of which any human being is capable of: Jealousy; The greatest need: Common sense; The greatest puzzle: Life; The greatest mystery: Death; The greatest thought: God; The greatest thing, bar none in all the world: Love

Compliments of Mama Rachel Thomas

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