The Willing Working Diva’s Ministry

Pastor McGowan
Pastor McGowan

This announcement is to introduce the “Willing Working Diva’s Ministry”. A ministry based in Savannah Georgia. Our founder is Pastor McGowan of the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church. We are a group of God fearing women that share our love for Jesus Christ. We are committed and ready to serve whenever and wherever there is a need.

Our mission is twofold: To teach sound biblical doctrine and to bring disciples to maturity. With these goals in mind, we endeavor to teach God’s Word clearly and without bias. It is our mission to nourish and minister to souls. We pray together, study God’s Word together, and are living breathing testimonies of God’s goodness and His grace.

If you ever need us, please contact us at 912.459.4146 ask for Pastor McGowan or 719.482.4154 ask for Sis. Denise Brown.

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