The Unswitchables Outreach Ministry Seminar To Be Held

Evang. Rachel Thomas
Evang. Rachel Thomas

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Unswitchables Outreach Ministry was birthed, named and organized by God in 1987and the strength of this work is being favored by God to reach this city of Savannah for Christ and His Kingdom. We have reached over 549,339 souls for God’s Kingdom. This is truly God’s Kingdom work and all of these twenty six years; I have not missed a day out because God said that the Angels in Heaven rejoiced over one soul.

We would like to continue in this service unto the Lord in reaching more and more souls than ever before each coming year for truly, “the harvest is plenty, and the laborers are few.”(Matthew 9:37). We are compelled to be about our Father’s business and We NEED YOU!!

If you are a Born Again Believer in Christ and truly Love the Lord, come join us in June 2014. Beginning June 2nd thru the 6th at 7 pm each weekday, join us for our Seminar teachings that God provided for me in New York City with David Wilkerson, a brother in Christ who wrote a book which they made a movie in the theaters called, “The CROSS and the SWITCHBLADE.”

He has sixtyseven teen challenge centers all over the United States teaching souls to accomplish what God had purposed for their lives and blesses them mightily!

Our city wide street outreach ministry with the Police Department’s approval will begin June 9th through the 30th each weekday and with River Street Rallies each Saturday 5 pm – 9 pm at Rousakis Plaza with permission from City Hall. God has given this ministry His wonderful favor for twenty six years – PRAISE GOD!! God get s all the Glory!

We will meet at our Headquarters – Calvary Baptist Church on the corner of Waters Ave and 63rd Street across from Memorial Hospital each weekday morning at 9:30 am for prayer and locations at least one hour and them we will hit the streets for Jesus! God will meet us there and be with us every day, all the time we are out. Please pray and ask God for time to serve Him in June a few days or even for the whole three weeks. God will greatly reward you and His Blessings will shower down on you as you obey His will to do this work for His Kingdom.

We sincerely thank you because it is all because of Christ. The Unswitchables are Rev. Adegoboy Adeyemo, Minister Barbara Brown, Rev. Eugene Burnett, Rev. Rodney Cutter, First Lady Wilmotine Ellis, Bishop Willie Ferrell, Minister Sandra Fleming, Pastor Kenny Grant, Rev. Henrietta Lovett, Minister Edgar McPherson, Pastor Samuel Rodriquez, Rev. Hogan Ukpong , Minister Rachel Thomas, Co-Director and The Holy Spirit, Director. Let others have a quiet chapel Beneath on Ivy covered Bell;But let me ran a rescue shipOne foot away from Hell!

God Bless!

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