The Truth About High School Relationships

Darnisha Green
Darnisha Green

Are high school relationships a real chance at love, or is it just “puppy love”? Many teens in high school wonder this same question. The answer is that simply you never know. Some times it works out and sometimes you break up an hour later leaving you with pondering thoughts of what just happened.

Although you may not know the outcome of a high school relationship, it is alright to partake in one. However, it is healthy that you don’t focus too much on something that may not last. Here are some healthy tips for participating in a high school relationship:

1. Communicate
Communication is the key to any healthy relationship, regardless of what kind. In high school relationships however, it is most important. With so many things going on at once it’s imperative to be on the same page. Communication with parents is also very important. Talk to your parents about what should be entailed in a relationship. Seek advice from your parents because they’ve traveled down those same roads.

2. Form a Friendship
Although you may call that certain someone your “boo”, “baby”, your “man”, or your “chick”, it is healthy that first you are friends. Friendship is the basis and foundation for all personal relationships. “Through it all you never know what will happen with your relationship. It may turn into something and it may not. School is more important and I focus on my studies first and everything else falls into place”, said Jenkins High School senior Shanee’ Ferguson.

Pastor and counselor Dr. Richard L. Hall Sr. of Second Arnold Baptist Church says that you should keep it as friendly as possible. “Establish what both parties want in a “relationship”. Establish what it means to be in a relationship. From the beginning you should find out what each other’s likes and dislikes are. Find out what kind of environment they are used to i.e. family/where they live. ”

3. Balance!!
Some teens find it hard to deal with a relationship, school, part time jobs, and extra- curricular activities all at once. “I am for teen dating/ relationships, but they can also be bad. If there is a break up it can affect your focus in school and interfere with school work”, said high school student Sabastian Jones. This is where balance comes in. Don’t make being in a relationship a priority. It is important that you stay on top of school, your personal life, and all the other facets of your life. Learn how to manage your time! But, be careful not to spend too much time on your relationship. “Most importantly don’t let it be too serious. Never date alone. Go on group dates to avoid getting more or less of what you expect”, said Pastor Hall. By using these tips and your own discretion, a high school relationship can be made easier and your high school days can be a lot smoother in the love department.

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