The Tom Joyner Foundation Honors Savannah State University

Tom Joyner
Tom Joyner

The Tom Joyner Foundation’s ‘School of the Month’ program has yet again honored Savannah State University with the title for August 2013. Twice before has SSU been named, raising more than $400, 000 in 2001 and more than $250, 000 in 2007.

The university will have the privilege to be promoted on the Tom Joyner Morning Show throughout the month of August 2013. Weekly, the show airs in 115 markets across the country, reaching nearly 8 million listeners. With this exposure, the university will be able to receive funds raised from alumni, listeners, and any others simply interested in donating.

The Tom Joyner Foundation, headed by radio personality Tom Joyner, was founded in 1998 with the agenda to support Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) with scholarship, endowment, and capacity building enhancements. The Foundation has also recommended internships, matching grants support, and career development to deserving students.

The Foundation has a vision to provide students who desire to attend HBCUs or those already enrolled with diverse academic opportunities that can lead to a more successful life, despite their social or economic means. In the history of its 15 years, the Tom Joyner Foundation has provided support to every HBCU, raising more than $60 million and helping more than 29,000 students. Through fundraising and donor development initiatives, the Foundation works to preserve the valuable legacies of these institutions. In recent years, the Tom Joyner Foundation has expanded its purpose to not only support HBCUs and their students, but also support the communities that strengthen our schools. The goal in this is to strengthen the connection between schools and their communities. Congratulations Tiger family!

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