The Spirit Realm


When Jesus is the King of a nation the people of that nation are taught the truth, which is collective good intelligence.

When people practice collective, good intelligence, they are molded and shaped in the image of Jesus and becomee wonderful and powerful, which causes them to love and appreciate one another and they solve one another’s problems. It is natural for them to worship and serve the Almighty God. Because they have become creatures of the Spirit Realm of the light. When people worship and serve the Almighty God they become wise and righteous. When people become wise and righteous, they embrace His laws and Commandments and make them the Laws and Commandments of their nation. Wise and righteous people are blessed with peace and the perfect freedom to do what is good with and for one another because they practice divine justice.

Divine justice eliminates the forces of evil in the nation of wise and righteous people, which unites them in love, the perfect bond of union.

Divine justice, when enforced, produces a positive spiritual estate, where they produce an abundance of good things for one another.

Ultimately they all come to be like their king Jesus and become wonderful and powerful.

When Satan is the king of a nation the people of that nation are taight the lie, which is collective evil intelligence.

When people practice collective evil intelligence, they are molded and shaped in the image of Satan and become self exalted to the point of being their own evil god.

When people become their own evil god, they view people as filth and treat them as filth, which is wicked.

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