The Savannah Tribune Salutes Women’s History Month

Annette K. Brock
Annette K. Brock

March is Women’s History Month. As such, throughout the month, The Savannah Tribune will recognize great women of influence who have left a lasting impression on our community.

Dr. Annette K. Brock is a native of Savannah and a proud graduate of Alfred Ely Beach High School. She graduated from Savannah State College (now University) in 1962 and earned a master’s degree in education from Duke University in 1971.

After teaching for eight years in the Savannah- Chatham Public Schools, she returned to teach at Savannah State College. She went on to earn a Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina in 1978.

Dr. Brock served in a variety of teaching and administrative positions at Savannah State, to include a two-year term as Interim President of the University, the first African American female to hold this position. “I held the position of Interim President of SSU for two years and two months. During this time I was privileged to work with every facet of the university.

Students, faculty, staff, programs, funding, community relations, were all a part of each days’ work. Alumni were very important to the success of the university. What I learned was that people have the same dreams and aspirations for success.” “At the end of my tenure, I felt that I had done my very best and that others would be positioned to move us to higher levels.”

Dr. Brock credits her success to the strong family support for education and to God for her educational experiences at Beach High School and Savannah State University. Her parents instilled the notion of “work before play” at an early age. They were also strong disciplinarians. It was during times of difficulty that Dr. Brock drew on her faith in God to give her assurance.

Dr. Annette K. Brock retired from Savannah State University in August 2004, and has left a legacy that will last for generations.

Her leadership as Interim President at Savannah State University has paved the way for other young women who may aspire to hold the top position at an institution of higher education.

Excerpt courtesy of Savannah’s BlackFirst Ladies”, Vol. I.© in celebration of National Women’s History Month. For more information, go to

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